1963 Dynaco PAS Tube Preamplifier - Factory Wired - Fully Rebuilt and Serviced

1963 Dynaco PAS Tube Preamplifier - Factory Wired - Fully Rebuilt and Serviced
  • New stock / reproduction circuit boards with all new components
  • (2) New Mullard 12AX7 & (2) NOS RCA 12AX7 tubes + (1) NOS RCA 12X4 Black PLate Rectifier Tube
  • (4) New Ceramic Tube Sockets
  • New 20-20-20-20 multi section capacitor and new original style power supply section
  • New feet and all new knobs were installed, the original power cord was left alone, it's still nice.
  • Original paint on the cover, original brass screws, the original faceplate is in great shape
  • All pots and switches were cleaned, treated with deoxit and work properly, new caps and resistors were installed at the volume control
  • All the original wiring was retained except for 4 new wires to the new Power supply section
  • Diodes installed to replace the original selenium rectifier
  • This unit is hum free and plays like a dream. This is a real gem
  • A previous power transformer failure smoke stained the interior a gold color and I couldn't remove it even using several types of chemicals
The rear panel and jacks are in such great shape I couldn't bring myself to drill out the rivets and replace this, even though I bought the parts!
New label installed on the rear of the unit, the old original one had fallen off completely
I bought this from the estate of the original owner and it worked but was obviously in need of servicing. The unit works perfectly again and sounds just superb. I took great care to keep this as original as possible including using the standard original style power supply filter section and multi section cap. The caps at the volume control were off spec and noisy so they were replaced as well as the (2) 47K resistors there.
Even though I used some modern style and modern looking components on the boards this thing sounds just like it is supposed to, nothing was lost there, it was all for the good. I have built and rebuilt dozens of these and this one is really at the top of the list for sonic characteristics. The RCA 12AX7 tubes in the line stage along with superb caps and low noise metal film resistors will dazzle you...........really.
Back when these early units were built they used "monkey metal" cast aluminum knobs and those look really terrible. Those could be included in the sale if you want them for a reasonable price. These early units also used push on knobs, so I installed the brass sleeves that convert the split splined shafts to .25" solid types that will accept knobs with set screws like used in the later production units. The knobs shown are all new and are the included knobs.