About Us

It all started out with inspiration which was sparked while watching my dad build himself a Dynaco stereo system at our kitchen table back in the 1960's. Many years later, my dad gave me several boxes stuffed full of vacuum tubes and test equipment that was left over from his dad's 1940's era radio repair business. This "hobby" and my love of music gradually evolved into this business. Along with building new stereo components, I search for Dynakit and Dynaco equipment that I can bring new life to. Above all things, I do this for fun, because I love what I do.

The focus of the business is on new, custom and rebuilt Dynakit and Dynaco Audio products. I source my parts from reputable distributors and always use freshly stocked high quality components. 

I appreciate my customers, I enjoy the enthusiasts and hopefully we'll do some business and become friends. You are welcome to browse my site or just send a hello. I always enjoy hearing about what stereo equipment other people have, especially when it comes to Dynakit and Dynaco.

I do not offer repairs or modification services, the shop is not open to the public.

Thanks for stopping by - Kenneth Russell, Owner

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 An Original business card from Grandad Frank's Radio Shop