Customer Feedback and Reviews


Several weeks ago I purchased two Dynaco ST-70 from Kenny. He discussed potential options WRT upgrades and then went about building both units quickly and with extreme precision - as I waited for the day when they would arrive. In the interim, Kenny provided diagrams that explained how to configure the amps as mono blocks. The amps arrived in less than three weeks. They were well packed and beautiful to see upon unboxing. After installing the tubes, getting the speaker wires hooked up, and plugged in the power - it was time to see them light up. And light up they did. Within a couple of moments, out came sweet beautifully separated stereo music owing to the mono block configuration. The notes, chords, vocals, strings and any other instrument playing through my Klipsch's were crisp and clear in ways I had never heard before. I quickly learned the meaning of listening to music though tube amps. I suddenly knew why I had wanted a tube amp for years. Wonderful, staggering, mind blowing, heavenly, precise, and real. In the end, there was nothing more to ask for...These amps sound great!!!!  Amazing… - Lee P. (2 x Dynaco ST-70 Tube Amplifiers)


"Dammmm ! That is the smoothest, most controlled bass I have ever heard from ANY amplifier !!! You did a fantastic job on this - it sounds staggering ! - Alexander H. - (Stereo 120 "Enhanced")
It is dead quiet and the sound is very musical with my older Paradigm speakers. - William M. - (Stereo 70 Tube Amplifier and PAS-M Preamp)
Absolutely love my unit! This has got to be the greatest customer experience I've had in years. The communication was timely and accurate. I never felt pressured or thought I was being "sold something". The Dynakit based PreAmp PAS-3(M) sounds amazing. It's the perfect combination of Vintage and New technologies. Thank you, Funtastic Vintronics. You're the best! - Eddie B. (PAS-M Preamp)
I finally got the Dynakit PAS-M and Stereo 120 NG from Kenny. When I first heard it all connected, I said WTF is this! The way it sounded with all my speakers astounded me regardless of cost. Out came this lush, warm, detailed sound I never heard before with anything I've had in this room. Even the phono stage blew me away. I decided to send back the Schiit Freya Plus and Loki and pay the 5% restock fee. Here's a guy by himself that hardly anybody knows about putting passion into a chassis at an extremely affordable price and knocking it out of the park! For me what determines how good a sound system is, is how it connects me emotionally to the music. I was emotional in ways I wasn't before. Kenny does world class work and I'm having a funtastic listening experience. :) - rankaudio @ audiogon - (Stereo 120 "enhanced" + PAS-M Preamplifier.)
"Blind sound test, my wife the listener. First...your Dynaco solidly outperformed the Yamaha, my wife could hear a cleaner sound at higher volume. This was with just the 901s. Your amp is beautiful man, and it rocks. System: all vintage, Sansui preamp, Technics turntable, JBL Centuries. Kenny's Dynaco clearly outshone the Yamaha amp it replaced. Then I really put it through its paces. Classic rock, jazz, etc,...what amazed me was how I could turn up the vinyl volume to 7--way too loud for a living room--and the amp was still dead quiet, while sound reproduction was superb with no distortion. String bass, horn, electric guitar, voice--all sound fantastic, at any volume. I take a modest pride in my oldschool system, but the Dynaco is my secret weapon. - Phil (Stereo 120 "enhanced")

    "It is amazing, zero distortion , great power and it really makes my Polk Audio RTA 12 B’s zing.  Great seller. The rebuild he did to the amp I bought from him was amazing. WOW, compliments the system very well. Thanks again." - Abe (Stereo 120)
    "Kenny, Kenny, Kenny!!! Holy S**t, This thing just gets better" - Gary C. (ST-70)
     "I added a tip for all the fast work you’ve done.  Thank you for making this such a great experience!. "There aren’t enough positives I can add here! The tube amp was a work of art!!" - Ryan G. (Dynakit ST-35)
    "When I see such a detailed craftsman's labour, that's when I see pasión and love for what you do. Absolutely incredible in every aspect and detail." - Alvaro (ST-70)
    "a true artist, his quality is untouched, I have been in this racket for years, by far the best work I've ever seen,better than Dynaco themselves and that's saying a lot, pay a little more it's well worth it" - Scotty S. (Dynaco 70)
    "Your workmanship suggests you also take a lot of pride in the products you build & sell" - Kevin D. (owner, Dynakit Inc.)
    "A+ seller. Excellent restored amp, accurately described. Great packing, communication, too" - Joe S. (Dynaco 70)
    "One of the best online transactions I’ve ever had. Description was spot on and the seller was very helpful. The item was packed so well it took me 10 minutes to unpack it. Would not hesitate to business with him again" - Eric L. (Dynaco 70 & PAS-M)

    "With the new preamp you made, this shimmer comes through more clearly more defined more vibrantly than any other preamp I’ve ever heard"  - Daniel M. (PAS-M)
    "Stunning build quality. Very happy with my new amp. Thanks again!" - Steve M. (Dynakit ST-35)
    "Kenny, now I can’t damn well sleep because I can’t stop listening to this thing! You were right. This is definitely a giant killer!" - Dan (Stereo 120 "enhanced")