PAS-M-3 Tube Preamp

An all new, modern day version of the legendary Dynaco / Dynakit PAS.

This is the PAS-M-3. The beautiful sound of dual triode tube amplification provides a rich and super detailed audio signal with dead quiet operation.
This modern day PAS tube preamp offers superb sound and performance at an affordable price. Built with high quality and fresh stock components.

  • Uses (4) 12AX7 tubes for the line stage and (2) 12AY7 tubes for phono preamp
  • New amplifier and phono circuit boards - updated 7 position Input Selector & Rear RCA Jack Panel
  • New Dual Transformer Regulated Power Supply - Solid State Filtering -
  • Integrated Filament Supply Module - increased capacitance & reliability - smoother DC filtering
  • An updated and modernized circuit design with output impedance of around 700 OHMS. Suitable for most solid state or tube amps.
  • The phono input has an impedance of 47K, suitable for most all MM cartridges, moving coil (MC) cartridges can be used only with a Step Up Transformer (SUT)
  • New Ultra Precise and Reliable 6 position Selector Switch - no pops or thumps
  • 5 pair of RCA line level stereo inputs, 1 RCA phono input (magnetic phono) and 1 pair of RCA outputs for connecting your amplifier
  • Alpha Bass and Treble controls are in a Baxandall circuit with "Null" Center Position Controls, works like the original PAS3X
  • Bournes Balance control and Alps Blue Volume control - 3 Amp Power switch
  • Polypropylene Film and Foil & Metallized Polyester Film and Mica Capacitors by Cornell Dubilier, Panasonic, WIMA, KEMET, Vishay
  • 1% tolerance Metal Film and Wirewound Resistors by Yageo, Vishay, TE Connectivity
  • Brand New Genuine Dynakit Chassis
  • New Dynakit Aluminum Faceplate - Engraved Ink Filled Lettering - Aluminum Knobs - Modern Nomenclature
  • Rear Input/Output Panel Label Matched to the Updated Selector Nomenclature of the faceplate
  • 3 wire grounded Power Cord - A/C sockets normally on the back are omitted for reduced EMI
  • Filter, Tape Monitor, Loudness Switches and Blend Control are Omitted - Improved Signal Clarity
  • LED Illuminated Pilot Lamp behind a Genuine OEM Dynaco (NOS) Amber Panel Jewel - reduces transformer load
  • 60/40 high grade Kester & Alpha Fry Rosin Core Solder used Throughout
  • Excellent Phono Grounding Post - Easy "no-tool-needed" design for your Phono Ground Wire
  • The PAS-M-3 Preamp is Fused for Component Protection
  • New rubber feet with steel bushings - excellent solid stance - non-marring rubber


  • Premium - (4) Mullard 12AX7 ECC83 Long Plate Tubes (2) EH12AY7
  • Audiophile - (4) Genalex Gold Lion B759 / ECC83 / 12AX7 (2) Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 EH / 6072A

So how does it sound? - “Stunning” - highly musical with detailed voicing, separation and full sonic imagery. This preamp is dead quiet - no hum, no buzz, no hiss. Its wonderfully clear. If you're in search of that musical analog sound inherent with tubes, you've just found it. 100% brand new, high quality build, total listening satisfaction. The PAS-M delivers dramatically improved sonics as the result of being designed from the ground up with technologically advanced methods, modern components and quality parts. I hand build every one of these for you like I was going to keep them myself, forever. This is a complete, ready to go premium preamplifier that will shame units costing much more. You'll never want to turn it off.

The PAS-M-3 has "null" or "out of circuit" at center Baxandall circuit bass and treble controls - although they work differently regarding the circuitry of the original PAS-3X controls, the end result is an "out of circuit" position where the tone controls have no influence on the audio signal.

The use of tight screening tolerances and accurate modern quality components produce a fantastic clarity and detail. It looks just as good as it sounds and it's super reliable.

Phono/turntable compatibility for a directly attached player is limited to magnetic cartridge types only (ceramic phono has been eliminated). The old and obsolete tape head input has also been eliminated. NOTE: If you are using a turntable with a built in preamp you will connect it to any of the other available inputs, not to the phono input.

There are 5 pair of RCA line level stereo inputs, 1 pair of stereo RCA phono inputs and 1 pair of RCA stereo outputs for connecting the amplifier - 6 pair of inputs / 1 pair of outputs total. The 6 position updated selector switch is labeled for Phono, Tuner, DVD, CD, Aux-1, Aux-2 - the rear panel is labeled to match.

As is possible with any highly sensitive, high gain tube type preamp, playing more than one music source at a time may create "crosstalk or signal bleed" and thus it is not recommended. To ensure the best and clearest audio signal at all times it is advised to follow this advice with this unit, play only one source at a time. It is also not recommended to place any electrical devices too close or on the unit including setting this unit on top of other electrical equipment or other stereo equipment or components. Potential for electrical interference resulting in audible hum or other unwanted signal noise in the output is possible from close proximity to other electrical devices. You should expect to take appropriate measures for providing ideal placement and location to ensure proper operation of this unit to avoid issues with electrical interference. The use of 3 wire grounded power cords can cause ground loop feedback. It is recommended that you be prepared to purchase and install a  ground isolation device at the power cord if necessary. Hum-X is a good example and are readily and widely available.