Custom Super Silvertone 250 Bluetooth Radio

This 1938 Silvertone 7241 Radio was abandoned in a trash pile that was set to be burned at a Radio Auction in Tulsa that I attended in 2018. Severely damaged, it was missing parts, the original motorized tuner had been removed and the radio was obviously not working.

I wanted to bring this radio back to life.

After 150+ hours of restoration and custom modifications it is now living a new life and can be enjoyed for many years to come.

The all wood case was really a mess.

The speakers were never part of the original design. I built these using reclaimed 3/4" plywood from old kitchen cabinets. 

They each house 8" JSD woofers, Samsung tweeters and use Cerwin-Vega crossovers.

The dial face is a customized one of a kind version of the original. I scanned the damaged original, did some freehand editing on the computer, added custom text and converted the colors to Black & White then printed and laminated it

The dial face bezel was rusted and tarnished, I had this piece chromed at a local shop. I purchased vintage knobs to replace all the missing originals. The call letters on the push buttons are also custom made, reflecting my favorite radio stations of the 1960's and 70's in Tulsa Oklahoma.

The original 7 tube AM shortwave chassis was modified with a 280 watt JBL 12 volt car stereo stereo amplifier fed by a bluetooth receiver and includes RCA inputs for connecting other devices.

The entire system is serviceable and has replaceable parts. The interior components can be slid out on the chassis after removing just 4 screws and unplugging the wiring.

I selected a complementary grill cloth and the ornamental fasteners that hold the speaker and baffle in place.

Probably the most intensive and laborious part was getting the finish to look like I wanted, high gloss jet black. 

I tried a Ferrari Red, but this just didn't do it for me.

The thing sounded just marvelous. It had a solid sound of a much larger system. you could beam signal from a smartphone to it and that was fun. this setup spanned over 4 feet across, it was huge. I sold it to a jukebox collector.


 Long live the Silvertone Super 250