Updated Dynaco PAT4

Dynaco PAT4 Solid State Vintage Preamplifier -  
The main issue with old gear is the filter capacitor for the power supply. This Dynaco has a fantastic regulated power supply upgrade by Dan Joffe that eliminates the old style multi section can capacitor and offers a much more stable and quieter power source. The second issue are the old ceramic input and output jacks on the back panel. This Dynaco has much better quality gold plated jacks. Don't worry, all of the original features, functions and locations were retained, unlike most units that have been updated. The original bulb was out in the power switch so this one has a brand new orange neon bulb, just like it is supposed to have. Being free of rust and oxidation, the chassis is as nice as I have ever come across. It needed new feet, so it has new feet. The cover was refinished in a nice satin black. This PAT4 sounds great because it had seen continuous use rather than having been stored away for years. It was well built and well cared for and now has many years left in it. The Q4 transistors were replaced on both boards to reduce distortion offered by the newer modern type Darlington transistors. This PAT4 is dead quiet and sounds fantastic. Don't let this one slip by, it's a gem and still has that rich warm analog sound you're looking for.

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  • Updated Regulated Power Supply
  • Gold Plated RCA Inputs and Outputs. 
  • The original circuit is still fully functional, this one works exactly as it was originally designed.
  • Low Level Phono, Ceramic Phono, Special, Tape Head and Amp (loop) Tuner and Spare
  • New Orange Neon Bulb for the Original Illuminated Power Switch. 
  • Every pot and switch works perfectly, all were cleaned and treated with Deoxit. 
  • The standard phono ground screw was replaced / updated with a nice post style bround with a knurled brass binder
  • 4 New factory style rubber feet and all new screws / nuts
  • Lettering is in excellent condition as are all the knobs. 
  • Chassis is super straight, very clean and has no rust. 
  • No nicks, dents or dings. 
  • Cover refinished in satin black. 
  • 3 of the 4 AC accessory outlets on the back were eliminated to reduce electrical interference. 
  • The Q4 transistors were replaced with new Darlington transistors that reduce distortion by 10X. 
  • This preamp plays beautifully and is near collector quality in my opinion.
  • No date stamp but the circuit boards indicate 1971-1973 production
  • This kit was properly assembled and  very well cared for, it's really nice.
  • You just don't see many come up for sale in this nice of working and cosmetic condition.