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Located a few miles away from Tulsa Oklahoma, funtasticvintronics.com is an online only retail store offering new, rebuilt, custom builds and sometimes even used Dynaco and Dynakit Stereo Components. I do not offer repairs or modification services outside of the products I build or sell, my shop is not open to the public.

It started out with inspiration which was sparked while watching my dad build a Dynaco stereo system at our kitchen table back in the 1960's. Many years later, dad gave me several boxes stuffed full of old vacuum tubes and test equipment left over from his dad's 1940's era radio repair business. This "hobby" and my lifelong love of music gradually evolved into this business. Along with building new Dynakit and Dynaco stereo components, I search for preowned equipment that I can bring new life to.

Looking back at stereo components from the late 1950's through the early 1970's one thing that stands out to me is the quality. Sadly, over time since then, "great quality" has been supplanted with "good enough". We have been spoon fed all sorts of improvements, but at a cost. When you choose audio equipment aren't the guidelines really simple, how does it sound to me. In order to maximize profits and satisfy shareholders, manufacturers have made profit their primary purpose. We've been sold the "good enough" mentality of modernization by means of manufacturers shifting our focus to the newest features and specifications that are or may be supported by laboratory analysis, but often actually don't sound quite as good to the human ear, unless we're told they do.

Sterility, we've grown up with it, most older folks have gotten used to it, the younger folks have never known any better, and so it is either accepted or forgotten by most. I remember and cherish just how good things used to be and how pleasant music can sound. I'm offended and opposed to cheap quality and over inflated sales hype.

This gear isn't for everybody, especially those who are overwhelmingly impressed with modern day technology. Dynaco is for those of us who enjoy the simple yet unrivaled richness and warmth of recorded music in analog. It's for those of us who believe that modernized "good enough" doesn't quite cut it. It's for those who appreciate the craftsmanship of hand built, the quality and effort it represents. With the "sell out" society closing in, few things keep me grounded quite as well as listening to the music I love, the way it was meant to be, something which has been largely lost to modernization.

Marketing is essential to a company, it is essential to my business. Years ago I was a salesman for the largest PC retailer in the US at that time. I had the highest sales volume in the company, nationwide, along with the lowest return rate in the organization. That seems impossible, according to sales statistics. I did it simply by being honest and forthright. I steered buyers away from the poor quality, underperforming and over hyped products. I got them exactly what they needed to do what they wanted to do, nothing more. I presented the products that met their needs and let them decide which one they wanted. I helped them to see beyond the "good enough" and the "better than anything else" marketing and focus on the real ability of the product to meet their needs and thus create a justifiable value to them. The value had to exceed the cost, whatever the price was.

The Dynaco units represent a "no frills necessary" approach to high quality audio. They are exceptional in build quality and reliability, if properly outfitted with quality components and well assembled they sound truly amazing. I do not cut corners. I do not shop for the cheapest solutions for components. I don't get caught up in ridiculously priced "magic" parts. Quality is the only rule of thumb. If you're looking for a cheap bargain, the units I build are probably not right for you, unless you recognize the value, and then of course that makes it a bargain. The value in my builds exceeds the cost of owning them. The rewards are infinite, they will last a lifetime. Music sets a mood, brings back memories, makes good times and just adds to quality of life for many people. For me, it is an integral part of who I am. If you're still with me here, then you likely understand what I'm talking about, you get it.

I cannot argue that there are in fact better components out there, that would be pointless, because there are. If you have the money to spend and want something nicer, more power to you. These Dynaco components are not only nostalgic and legendary in their own right, they're classic Americana. It's affordable, especially in comparison to most good name brand or boutique units. Pound for pound the Dynaco is tough to beat in any category. I find no need for anything more. As an actual owner I'm beyond satisfied and have money left over.

I spent quite a few years learning how to build these units right, to get the sound and quality I wanted. Keep in mind, you're not just paying me for parts and labor, you're paying me for experience. The value of the product is greater than the cost of its parts.

The focus of the business is on new, custom and rebuilt Dynakit and Dynaco Audio products. I source my parts from reputable distributors and always use freshly stocked high quality components. 

Looking forward to hearing from you...............

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