All about the SCA-80Q integrated amplifier

This 1973 Dynaco SCA-80Q is simply astonishing

Brand new amplifier and preamp section by Dan Joffe

1% metal film resistors, new, polyester (film) caps, new electrolytic capacitors, new, high-beta low noise transistors. The result is a much quieter and cleaner preamp section. Every control and switch function properly and were serviced with Deoxit. All capacitors and resistors relative to the front panel are new. Every feature of this amplifier works as it should.

The original C9 (4700 uF, 80 Volts, 2" diameter capacitor) with is replaced by a Supertech 10,000uF can. In addition, the change from 4700 uF to 10,000 uF improved the bass considerably. With the extra capacitance, the power supply holds up much better in the presence of loud low frequency outputs.

The C11 (a 3-section capacitor that filtered the driver board, line amp, and phono preamp) is replaced, now with more capacitance for the driver board (940 uF versus 700 uF). It has electronic regulators which provide 24 volts for the line amp and 17.5 volts for the phono preamp. The electronic regulators give you quiet, stiff preamp power, rejecting most all external influences. The result is quieter, cleaner sound

The entire unit was disassembled down to the last screw and meticulously cleaned, polished and restored. The faceplate is excellent, the knobs are like new. I put on new feet all the way around. This amplifier is just fabulous.

Listening is an experience that ranks up there with the best I've heard. It reminds me somewhat of the Stereo 35 tube amplifier, very detailed and wide. The bass response is excellent now. I can't say enough about this one.

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