Dynakit / Dynaco MKIII Monoblock Tube Amplifier

  • New Dynakit Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic Chassis 
  • Available with or without tubes - See Available Options
  • Top vented cover is optional and available in 3 Color Options 
  • Genuine Dynaco Circuit on a Genuine Dynakit Brown Circuit Board 
  • Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Capacitors come Standard - See Available Options
  • PRP 1% Audio Grade metal film resistors on the Circuit Board 
  • Xicon Metal Oxide Power Resistors under the chassis 
  • F&T or Vishay Electrolytic Caps in the Bias Circuit 
  • Dynakit C-354 shielded filter choke 

                    Capacitor Options:

                    Standard - Cornell Dubilier (CDE) 930C Series

                    Premium - Mundorf MCap-Zn Series

                    Audiophile - Mundorf Supreme Series Silver/Oil  

                    Tube Options: 

                    No Tubes Included - this is the default base price  

                    Available Tube Sets

                    • Standard Tube Set

                    (2 ) NessTone 6550
                    (1) Groove Tubes  5AR4/GZ34
                    (1)NOS 6AN8A
                    (standard testing) 

                      • Premium Tube Set

                      (2) Tung-Sol 6550
                      (1) Groove Tubes  5AR4/GZ34
                      (1)NOS 6AN8A
                      (L-2 testing, plate current matched, screened for noise / microphonics) 

                        • Audiophile Tube Set

                        (2) Genalex Gold Lion KT88
                        (1) Genalex Gold Lion U77/GZ34
                        (1)NOS 6AN8A 
                        (L-2 testing, plate current matched, screened for noise / microphonics)  

                        Cover Options:

                        Cover is not included - click here if you need one

                        Original Early Production Brown

                        Late Production Satin Black

                        Dark Grey Metallic  

                        Specs for the Dynakit MKIII 

                        CIRCUIT TYPE: PUSH-PULL DESIGN (MONO AMP)
                        POWER OUTPUT: 60 WATTS RMS

                        TUBE TYPES:

                        (2) 6550 OR KT88 OUTPUT TUBES “MATCHED PAIR”
                        (1) 6AN8 (6AN8A) INPUT TUBES
                        (1) GZ34/5AR4 RECTIFIER TUBE

                        INPUT SENSITIVITY: 1.5V FOR 55 WATTS OUTPUT

                        INPUT IMPEDANCE: 470K OHMS

                        OUTPUT IMPEDANCES: 4, 8 & 16 OHMS

                        NOISE & HUM:
                        MORE THAN 90 DB BELOW FULL RATED POWER

                        Total Harmonic Distortion
                        LESS THAN 1% AT FULL POWER

                        FREQ. RESPONSE
                        20HZ TO 20KHZ AT FULL POWER + / – 1 DB

                        POWER SOURCE
                        120 VAC 60 HZ @ 180 WATTS (MAX)

                        6 ¾” Tall x 9″ Wide x 9″ Deep

                        28 Lbs. (each)


                        Included with your shipment: 

                        Warranty Information Documents (printed on paper)

                        The manuals, instructions, pictorials, diagrams, schematics and supplemental documentation are all included on a CD-ROM.

                        Each unit is custom, a hand built, made to order unit. Your unit will look identical but some wire colors and their precise routing may be slightly different from unit to unit, these are hand built custom units. 

                        Turnaround time is 3 weeks or less. (most of the time is simply awaiting parts arrival and shipping/travel time). Once purchased, you will be kept informed of your orders progress with occasional email messages direct from us. We want you to know things are under way and going as planned. Prepayment in full is required and includes shipping. The price is comprehensive, meaning no additional fees or surprise charges will occur.  Shipping price also includes shipping insurance for full value. Straightforward simple business here. 

                        Unpacking your shipment:

                        Tubes, fuse and Fuse cap are removed for shipment - numbered and boxed, all packed carefully for secure shipping Tube installation instructions with a numbered easy to follow pictorial included.

                         *bias will be pre-set but due to variations in AC wall voltages the bias should be checked and adjusted for your location before using the amplifier.  

                        This item is covered by a warranty:

                        warranty is limited - warranty is for 6 months from the date of purchase, warranty coverage is offered the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required to file for an RMA.

                        RMA is for warranty work only, it is not for a refund. Issues from abuse, misuse, neglect or external damages are not covered. Signs of tampering or repairs by anyone other than funtastic vintronics voids all warranty coverage.

                        Damage from moisture of any kind, electrical surges, lightning and static electricity are not covered. Coverage is limited to replacement of any original components which have failed under normal operating conditions. Faulty components will be replaced with no charge to you for parts or labor. Vacuum tubes/valves are not covered by warranty. Damage caused by faulty tubes is not covered by warranty.

                        Shipping both ways is the responsibility of the original owner/purchaser of the unit. You must request an RMA number prior to making any warranty claim. Your RMA must be approved prior to shipping. Please follow appropriate packing methods to prevent shipping / transportation damage. We strongly suggest insuring your shipment for the replacement value of the item being shipped. 

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